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Grubby Dogs Services

Professional Grooming & Bathing (Petwash)

Bring in your "Grubby Dog" for his or her day at the "Grubby Dog Spa."

Pricing depends on breed, so give us a call today for a quote!

Proof of vaccinations required.

Here's what is included in their day of beauty:

  • Haircut (grooming) 

  • Thorough Brush-out (bathing)

  • Dematt/Ferminator - $20.00 per 1/2hr (Avail upon request)

  • Shampoo (Medicated Shampoo $5.00 extra charge)

  • Conditioner

  • Spa Facial

  • Anal Gland Expression $10.00

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Ear Hair Pulled (if needed)

  • Nail Clipping (Dremmel $8.00 extra charge)

  • Teeth Brushing ($5.00 Extra charge)

  • Blow Drying

  • Bow or Bandana

  • Spritz of Fragrance

  • Lots of Love!

  • Flea Dip $5.00

  • Nail trim (a la carte) $15.00  w/Dremel $20.00 (a la carte) * muzzle charge $5.00 & up plus the cost of nail clip





Call Us Now for a Quote 951-461-9909


Dog Spa
Dog Groomer

Grubby Dogs always seeks to maintain a 5-star dog grooming and bathing facility for you and your pets.


Our services are in-depth because we are providing a calm comfortable grooming and bathing service for your Grubby Dogs.


Along with a relaxing bath, we also will hand blow-dry your pet, as we will always keep their best interest in mind.


Our proven Grubby Dogs method of care will create a calm grooming environment and a better quality care for your pooch.


We calculate your Grubby Dogs service by type of breed, weight, and temperament. We will approximate a certain time for their appointment and pickup. Service times can also depend on the individual pet personality, coat condition, and comfort level.


Grubby Dogs one-on-one approach is designed to create a positive experience for your Grubby Dog to maintain safety while we carry out the grooming and bathing process.


A consultation will be given to you at dropoff and an approximate time window for the expected pick up.


We understand that everyone's schedules can be hectic, but we kindly request that you make your best effort to coordinate your day with your pet's specific schedule timeframe.


Doing this will allow adequate care for your pets' day at the spa.


We will do our best to coordinate with your schedules. However, we won’t rush our services for your Grubby Dogs' safety reasons. 

Doggy Hairdresser

Upon completion of your pet's services, a phone call will be made on their behalf to you to let you know your pet is ready for pick up. Although Grubby Dogs loves the company of all of our guests, we kindly ask that pets are picked up shortly after a courtesy call has been given.


If your dog is not picked up for several hours, this limits our space and our new Grubby Dogs checking-in process.


Likewise, when your pets are left in our care for several hours after being groomed and bathed, our staff will have to take your pets for potty breaks left in our care. This extended care will deplete our time away from our new guests.


Cute Papillon Dog

Our main concern is always safety first! We also can’t exceed a certain amount of Grubby Dogs because of our limited space.


If your Grubby Dog is left more than one hour after being called for pick up, Grubby Dogs will assess a charge for a daycare fee.


This fee will be applied in hopes to encourage a timely pick up so we can ensure safety for all of our guests in our care.


Grubby Dogs appreciates your attention to this detail, and we thank you for understanding.


Excess charges aren’t intended to inconvenience anyone, but to ensure the safety of all of the Grubby Dogs in our care, our salon, and surrounding businesses.

Although we try to be fair with life’s unexpected moments, any pets late to their scheduled appointment may be asked to reschedule.


Grubby Dogs kindly ask you if you need to cancel your pet's scheduled appointment to allow us 24 hours' notice.


Grubby Dogs Reserves the right to change or modify their policies at any time without written notice.

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