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Grubby Dogs Reviews

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We were helped by Laurie who was wonderful with my Maltese. She treated her real gently and was honest about what she was going to do with her and with how she would look like when done. My dog likes to roll around A LOT, so mats happen quite often with her. She

Since we're still relatively new to the area, we've been trying the different pet groomers in the area (it got too hard to drive to North Hollywood just for my dog to be groomed) and this one by far has been my favorite!

This place is wonderful!  honest about the length she was going to have to take her to, and then made sure that we kept her warm (asked if we had sweaters!) since she had gone real short. :)

From the moment we walked in we were treated with honesty (always a plus) and with empathy towards my little scared and shaky dog... she calmed my fears and I walked out of there realwaswasrealShe

sweet and had nothing but nice things to say about my dog, and that always makes a pet parent feel really good. She told me she had no problems handling her as she was a real "sweetheart." feeling really good.

I can't wait to use these guys again!

Grave V.

I have been using Grubby Dogs for my Australian Shepard for several years. She is always so nervous when she goes in but they always make her feel comfortable right away. When I pick her up she always looks so pretty.

Tammy D.

Getting my dog Sinatra cleaned up. This place has a coupon on their website. Use it!

Ryan H

Super friendly and reasonable prices. Owner is very sweet. My dog came home clean and happy!!

Tammy L.

I give Grubby Dogs a 5 Star!

Maddi Gibson

We had a Mini Schnauzer and they do an excellent job with him. We are right around the corner and they always took on the same day with no problems. Good price for the service they offer.


Grubby Dog is the best!

Robbie Parks

We love this place. They have done excellent work at the best prices in town. Five-star service.


Awesome work. Thanks, Grubby Dogs!


I've got to admit my favorite part is when they blow off all of his old hair and he is my big fluffy dog for a few days after my pet wash. I will continue to give my business to Grubby Dogs faithfully.

I have used Grubby Dogs for the past four years. My 85 pound German Shepherd is sometimes a little hard handle. Whenever I bring my dog "Grant" into Grubby Dogs they never seem to complain about him. .Thanks, Grubby Dogs!!!

Steve Cantrell

My family and I love grubby dogs. The people there were so professional. Grubby dogs are awesome. I love it!


Love my groomer. Kind and gentle with my dog "Chewy". Always looks so good and they follow requests well. 

Ronda Gerdes

We bring our black lab here for baths and nail cuts.  They are FABULOUS and have always been so kind and reassuring to both us and our dog.  He is older and gets nervous with blow dryers, and they are great with working with him. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

Nancy W.

The first time we took our Maltese mix to Grubby Dog's, I wasn't thrilled with her grooming results.  I didn't really want to go back but my mom convinced me to try again saying it was like going to a new hairstylist, you might have to go a few times to "get" each other and for the stylist to know what you want.  (Plus, it's right around the corner from her house, so she had ulterior motives..)  So, we tried again.

I was really really happy we went back.  We got a different groomer, Amy, who did an excellent job.  Based on the first experience, I wrote out a list of all the things I was picky about.  She hit every item on my list and I was thrilled! Our little girl looked adorable.  We went back to her again and would recommend her.

The prices are in the ballpark with other places we've been to.  They do have some coupons on their website which is nice.

One thing I really love is that they have time slot appointments versus having all dogs check-in in the morning and wait around in kennels all day.  Our dog is usually done in 90 mins and then we can pick her up.  This is great for our dog who was nervous since we got her from the shelter.  She has been to Grubby D's about 4 times now and is a little more relaxed about it so I figure they are being good to her while she is there, which is the most important thing!

Zen M.

After Grubby Dogs opened up their new location, just down the road from my house, I decided to take my dog here since I can just walk down the street to drop her and pick her up.

After dropping her off the first time, I let them know that she had not been groomed much, as far as I know only 3 times by myself and possibly never before I adopted her, they reassured her and me that she was safe there. We discussed what cut they would do and they let me know that they would start her grooming experience right away and call me as soon as she was done so that she wasn't having to wait around in a kennel.

Within 90 minutes she was perfectly groomed and they called me to pick her up. I greatly appreciated this as at one of the other groomers they forgot to call me completely when I had dropped her in the morning and she had been stuck in a kennel for several hours before I called to check on her.

We have since returned and again, have had nothing but a great grooming experience including their customer experience. I appreciate that I can support a local business that offers such a great experience for me and my dog.

Crystal C.

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