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Grubby Dogs: Murrieta, California

We understand that grooming is a necessary aspect of canine care. Our skilled Grubby Dog Groomers are dedicated to giving your pet a personalized style, precise cut, and meticulous trim.


Regular grooming enhances your pet's appearance and promotes overall health. Well-groomed pets tend to have glossier, healthier coats, while grooming stimulates blood circulation in their skin.


Grooming is an essential routine in your dog's life. Daily brushing and combing are vital to remove dead hair and dirt, preventing troublesome matting.


Different dog breeds have unique grooming requirements, and our experienced team is well-equipped to cater to these specific needs. Trust Grubby Dogs for top-notch grooming services tailored to your beloved pet.

Welcome to Grubby Dogs Grooming Salon, proudly serving the Temecula Valley.

At Grubby Dogs, we take pride in being one of the select pet salons certified by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Since 2005, Grubby Dogs, a family-owned and operated business nestled in the heart of the Temecula Valley, has been the trusted choice for countless pet owners. Our extensive combined experience, totaling over 40+ years, guarantees top-notch service for your beloved pets. We take pride in our large and loyal customer base, a testament to the exceptional care we provide.


Experience peace of mind when you schedule your pet grooming appointment with us, knowing that every dog receives the individualized care they deserves at Grubby Dogs. Our dedicated team ensures your furry friend is perfected in our clean, convenient, and affordable grooming environment.

Funny Pitbull Portrait

When you entrust your dog to us, you're not just a client but part of the Grubby Dogs family. Our business hours, from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday, ensure your convenience, and we remain open until the last dog leaves. Walk-ins are always welcome, embodying our commitment to accommodating our community's needs.


Grubby Dogs is pleased to announce extended operating hours available by appointment only. We are now scheduling appointments for pet grooming services in the evening hours. Please note that appointment and time slots are limited, so kindly contact us via phone for additional information and details to secure your spot.


At Grubby Dogs, no dog is too grubby. Whether big or small, your canine companion will receive the utmost attention and care.


Please note that starting December 1st, a $25 deposit is required for new clients to secure their appointment. Rest assured, this deposit will be deducted from your total grooming cost. However, the deposit will be forfeited if you need to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. 

Additionally, we are looking for experienced groomers to join our Grubby Dog Team. If you're passionate about pet care and grooming, we invite you to pick up an application from our front desk. If you can't wait, visit our CAREERS PAGE, or Download the Application from our website.


Choose Grubby Dogs for a grooming experience that prioritizes your pet's well-being and your peace of mind. Join our community of satisfied pet owners who rely on us to keep their furry companions looking and feeling their best.


Grubby Dog Services

Grey Kitten
Dog on Blue

Grooming your dogs is a vital part of pet health. We love pets of all sizes. Grubby Dogs is one of the few salons that has received the American Kennel Club (AKC) Salon Certification.

Cat grooming is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy fur coat. Regular brushing helps prevent matting and reduces shedding, ensuring a happy and content feline friend.

At Grubby Dogs, we think that your pet's Dental Hygiene is as important as the grooming process itself. This is why we will include dog's teeth brushing for only five dollars extra.

Keep your pet looking and feeling their best! Clipping nails is one big part of the grooming that needs to be incorporated into their foot health. Nail trimming can be a part of your Grooming Services.

Grubby Dog Reviews

Happy Puppy

"Very Professional"

I have been using Grubby Dogs for my Australian Shepard for several years. She is always so nervous when she goes in, but they always make her feel comfortable right away. When I pick her up, she always looks so pretty.

Tammy D.

A girl and her dog

"Great Service"

We bring our black lab here for baths and nail cuts.  They are FABULOUS and have always been so kind and reassuring to both us and our dog.  He is older and gets nervous with blow dryers, and they are great at working with him. LOVE LOVE LOVE this place!

Nancy W.

Animal Shelter

"Kind & Loving"

I have used Grubby Dogs for the past four years. My 85 pound German Shepherd is sometimes a little hard to handle. Whenever I bring my dog "Grant" into Grubby Dogs, they always love him with open arms.

Steve C.

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